Saturday, January 7, 2012

Libbey International Set

Anyone who is a collector can relate to the frustration of having an incomplete set. You search and search for the last piece to your set and it is no where to be found. Not to mention the fact that it seems like before you started collecting you saw the last piece EVERYWHERE (or is this just me? haha).

Several months ago I was at an estate sale and came across these incredibly awesome mini goblets (as I would later find out, they are called continental goblets). I knew I had to have them as they would look perfect in my kitchen.

As I began to do more research I discovered I had only acquired 1/2 of the set. I knew that it would end up costing me an arm and a leg to find the remaining for glasses, and it would kill me to have an incomplete set, so I decided to add them to the Etsy shop.

When researching them, I discovered they were made by Libbey for the 1959/60 Fall/Winter Collection. There were 3 different types of glasses made: Beverage, Double Old Fashioned, and Continental Goblet. There was also 8 cities in the set: London, Bombay, The Hague, Madrid, Havana, Athens, Rome, and Paris.

Also while researching I discovered blogs, forums, websites dedicated to the glass set (who knew glassware could have such a following?). I knew then that listing these for sale was the best option and that someone missing a glass would be over the moon once they found it.

My Paris and London glasses have already found their homes, but Athens and Rome are waiting to be reunited with their mates.

Reference (Libbey Catalog 1959/60):

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